Rhonda Medina did an outstanding job for the Women of Flower Mound Fashion Show.  She truly knows how to work a crowd and be impromptu when she needs to.  She takes time to learn her audience and create a fun and energetic atmosphere.  We were so grateful to have her as our MC of our 2017 Fashion Show for the Women of Flower Mound.  Through Rhonda's efforts and synergy we were able to engage our audience for the mission of our group which is to raise money for scholarships for graduating seniors. We surpassed our goal thanks to Rhonda.


We had this AMAZING Marilyn come in for a surprise birthday party, and she was absolutely a hit! She was true to character and had our guests laughing the whole time. She went above and beyond...not only did she nail the Happy Birthday song, she also nailed the comedy act too! I was impressed how much she looks like Marilyn...the pictures online DO NOT do her beauty justice... just STUNNING! She greeted all the guests on a personal level, took pictures and was in character the entire time. Oh, and this lady can sing!!! We will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs an authentic look alike with a sweet, witty personality! 


Hi Rhonda -- Thanks so much for all of your hard work this month for us in Tulsa.  I can't believe I never made it out to say "hi" -- I heard such incredible things.  THANK YOU!!   And thanks for the crazy check in hassles EVERY week and the silly film crew -- ugh!  You are the best!

Hard Rock has requested that we bring you back to town on 6/28 for their Point Bingo Event. Thanks Again - Joe Mathis Event Producer


Rhonda, I want you to really understand how thrilled we are with you. From both Mo and Lisa, they were absolutely THRILLED with your performance. First, you absolutely shocked the ladies; they had no idea you were coming in. (absolutely perfect!)  Then your performance was spot on.  Lisa said that even when she missed prompts, you didn’t skip a beat! Finally, I heard that during dinner you sang old songs with them.

We just couldn’t be happier and we WILL HIRE YOU AGAIN!  If you ever need a reference, you can always come to me.

Ken, thank you for connecting Rhonda to us and I whole-heartedly recommend her to you for any other clients.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Many many thanks to both of you.

Karen Mechura - Rain Maker Talent



Rhonda's Marilyn Monroe is simply fabulous! She looked stunning and fell right into the role upon arrival. Our guests were entertained and pleased to have such a unique addition to our holiday pictures with Santa. She is divine and I already recommended her to a few people that were at the party!






I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for setting us up with Rhonda Medina as the entertainer for the final night of our convention.

I imagine that this is one of the most difficult venues for any entertainer. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to perform before a room full of people who are often more focused on their meal and dinner conversations than they are on the performance. However, Rhonda really rose to the challenge.

She’s a talented singer and her impersonation of Dolly Parton was very impressive. But the most impressive thing about her performance was the way she worked the room. While on stage, she kept the audience focused. When walking from table to table, her interaction with the crowd was very engaging and entertaining.

A number of members of our group told me afterward that this was the best time they have ever had at one of our conventions. That’s 35 years’ worth of conventions.

Thanks once again for finding her for us.